Hello! I'm the Fem!HRE and I just wanted to let you know that I think your blog is one of the best things I have seen it is COMEDY GOLD. and I really don't care that one of my starters is here on your page, really it's kinda an honor. Some people are gonna like what I write some people aren't, it's just the way the world works. Keep posting funny shit!

ahaha, thank you! and you keep writing and role playing. uwu

this is my favorite blog ily bb

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omg are you back!? :D

ahaha, maybe! we’ll just have to see. uwu

but donald i didn&#8217;t finish

but donald i didn’t finish



they got so salty over this oh my god. calm down

they got so salty over this oh my god. calm down

Stranger: ((Please tell me if you’re reading. I have other starters if you don’t like this one and I can be a different character!))

Kisha Aês was a mystery. Hostile. Friendly. Kind. Ruthless. Her past was unknown- lost along with anything else to give a clue about her. Her accent was soft, yet untraceable. Familiar, yet foreign. The almost yellow tinted blonde haired girl made sure that she never got attached to anybody. But, to her own disbelief, she had. The nomad refused to believe that this…This bizarre feeling she was experiencing was… Love. At first, of course, she dismissed herself for being so idiotic. She knew that she shouldn’t be like this. She shouldn’t love anybody. But the aqua eyed girl did. He was beautiful. He was so kind and so very precious. He was the only person able to stand her flight or fight nature. No one else even gave her a second glance once she had hurt them, which, try as she might, she did within moments of meeting them. But, no matter how many times she caused him trouble, he stayed by her side. And here Kisha was. Standing at his door, with a small card in her hand, she timidly knocked, cursing her blushing cheeks. A few deep breathes was all it took to calm her nervous shakes, but she was still screaming out of informality inside. Never did she celebrate holidays, but she felt the only way to express her love to him was Valentines’ day. A small sigh escaped her pursed lips. Dressed up in a blue dress that barely reached past her knees, she fiddled with the white satin gloves he had bought her that nearly covered her whole arms, leaving just her broad shoulders to show. She never took these gloves off, needing to hide the scars of her previous lives she had ran so many times from. The fact that they were a gift from him was only a convenience. She had excuses for her fancy gloves, but didn’t have one for her dress. She hated dresses. She had told him that she would only wear a dress for someone truly special. At the time though, they were joking around about her lack of socialisation to most people, but she really meant it. The young woman always meant everything she said to him. She hoped he remembered that. Taking another deep breath in a hope to keep her blush to a minimum, her gloved hand reached out to knock once again, hoping that he wouldn’t hate her for what she was about to confess.

((| Modern Hetalia |OC! Pacific Ocean x any male character. Can turn into fantasy, I guess, but it can seriously go anywhere! Francis, Gilbert, Alfred, Arthur or Kiku preferred, but you can be anyone you like, I don’t mind crossovers or random OCs! If you want a reference, here you go {Deviantart link here}~Sometimes my messages don’t send, so if I take a while, just resend your message. If I accidentally disconnect, my email is {email here} and my kik is {kik here} ^^ Thanks for reading and have a great day!))

The Pacific Ocean. That’s all I wanna say. The Pacific Ocean. 


psssh didn’t you know that the pacific ocean is a country you’re all ignorant fools smh


I’m not joking is there anyone in the Biloxi area that needs a roommate at least for a month or two because I just can’t do this anymore and I need to get out of my house

not your (ir)regularly scheduled omegle bullshit, but anyone?